Winter 2003/2004

Ski Mountaineering and Expeditions

Ski mountaineering at the Burnie Glacier Chalet.
Come back to a warm, brightly lit place, a hot meal, and a warm bed after a day in the spectacular Howsons. Flight, meals and accommodation, and rental equipment included. Learn the art and practice it in these wonderful mountains.


Su 28 Dec to Su 4 January, 2003 $1,450
Su 4 to Su 11 January, 2004 $1,450
Su 11 to Su 18 January, 2004 $1,450
Su 18 to Su 25 January, 2004 $1,450
Su 25 Jan to Su 1 February, 2004 $1,450
Su 1 to Su 8 February, 2004 $1,450booked
Su 8 to Su 15 April, 2004 $1,450
Su 15 to Su 22 February, 2004 $1,450booked
Su 22 to Su 29 February, 2004
(the above week is an advanced avalanche course)
Su 29 Feb to Su 7 March, 2004 $1,450booked
Su 7 to Su 14 March, 2004 $1,450
Su 14 to Su 21 March, 2004 $1,450
Su 21 to Su 28 March, 2004 $1,450
Su 28 March to Su 4 April, 2004 $1,450
Su 4 to Su 11 April, 2004 (Easter) $1,450
Su 11 to Su 18 April, 2004 $1,450
Su 18 to Su 25 April, 2004 $1,450
Su 24 April to Su 2 May, 2004 $1,450
Su 2 May to Su 9 May, 2004 $1,450

Basic Avalanche Course for skiers, snowboarders, and ice climbers.
Covers recognition and avoidance of avalanche terrain and self-rescue plus lots more. CAA RAC format.


Fr 9 to Su 11 January, 2004 $200
Fr 6 to Su 8 February, 2004 $200

Waterfall Ice Climbing Course.
Learn the use of tools and crampons, protection, and toproping. Good shape required.


Sa 20 and Su 21 December, 2003 $200

Advanced avalanche course in the Howsons.
For experienced ski mountaineers who wish to expand their avalanche knowledge.


Su 22 to Su 29 February, 2004 $1,450

Mount Logan Expedition.
This is Canada's highest peak, very serious and remote. An expedition for strong mountaineers.


We 12 May to Thu 3 June, 2004 $5950

All prices are in Canadian dollars. 7% Goods and Services Tax must be added to all prices. Most technical gear is included on all trips and courses. On longer trips, tents and food is also included.

Looking for that special trip, that dream of a mountain, an in-depth day of instruction ...

Hire a Guide for $300/day with one client, $350.00/day
for two clients and $400 for three and more.

Summer 2003

Climbing, Hiking & Whitewater Kayaking

Basic Rock Course.
On the granite at Chist Creek near Terrace or the basalt of Owen Hat. For beginners of all ages.


Sa 28 to Su 29 June, 2003 $199
Sa 12 to Su 13 July, 2003 $199

Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking                                                                          Spend two days learning the basics of this amazing sport. Start on the lake then progress to the Kitimat river.  Our most popular course. 4 to 1 ratio


June 7th & 8th, 2003                       $199                                                           

June 21st to 22nd , 2003                 $199 

Aug 9th & 10,  2003                        $199

Creek Boating Basics                                                                                                           Kayakers from all over the world come to paddle our creeks. We teach the specific skills and techniques needed to safely run the creeks we have here.  This course takes part  on different sections of Williams creek.


Aug 16th & 17th, 2003                 $249

Mountaineering at the Burnie Hut.
Rock climbing. Ice climbing. Glacier travel. Navigation. Mountain hiking. And sleeping in a warm bed after a long day in the glorious Howson Range.


Su 20 to Su 27 July, 2003 $1,215

Weesxanist Peak.
The highest point in the magnificent Seven Sisters. Mixed climbing on exposed ridges. 2 clients.


Fri 1 to Su 3 August, 2003 $650

Babines Traverse.
A non-technical mountain hike from Harold Price to Silver King.


We 6 to Su 10 August, 2003 $550

Mount Edziza Traverse.
Trek through the mysterious volcanic plateaus, flying into Buckley and out of Mowdade Lake.


We 20 to Tu 26 August, 2003 $1,350

Howson and Kitnayakwa Peaks.
In Canadian climbing history, the Howson Range has long haunted peoples' imaginations. Remote, big, with a tragic first ascent. Here is your chance to climb those mighty peaks. Max. 2 experienced clients.


We 10 to Su 14 September, 2003 $1,550

The Donjek Route in Kluane Park, Yukon.
A demanding five day trek over high passes through the tundra burning red in fall colours, with the icy giants of the Saint Elias Mountains behind. Floatplane access to Bighorn Lake.


We 3 to Su 7 September, 2003 $1,750

Ascents, trips, guided climbs and hikes ...
You may want to go caress the rock for a day. Or hit the ice hard. Or finally climb Brian Boru, the mountain you have looked at so many times. Yes we can do that! Call me well ahead of time and let's plan your trip on a day rate basis. Contact

All prices are in Canadian dollars. 7% Goods and Services Tax apply to all prices. Most technical gear is included on all trips and courses. On longer trips, tents and food is also included.
Mountaineering and watersports are inherently dangerous sports. All participants must sign a waiver.



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